Spectacular View and Culinary Tour at Umbul Sidomukti Semarang

The highland of Semarang has plenty to offer especially when it comes to traveling. Umbul Sidomukti, located at highland of Semarang, is perfect either for short break or camping, perhaps. Its fresh air and chilly atmosphere makes you feel like home. One remarkable thing at Umbul Sidomukti is its uphill pool. Enjoy clean and cool water splasing your body while seeing breathtaking view of the valley below.

Want to ignite your adrenaline? Then try flying fox at Umbul Sidomukti. With only IDR 15K, you can feel the sensation of hanging to a rope and enjoy wonderful scenery. Scream if you feel like doing so as you glide on its 10-meter track with 70-meter of height above the ground. Actually, you will be gliding between two hills. Isn’t it marvelous?

Umbul Sidomukti

Well, if you are not kind of adrenaline junkie, then walking around Umbul Sidomukti is great as well. Taking pictures, do some selfie, or simply look at the green scenery are some recommended things here. As it is said before, you can camp. Umbul Sidomukti has nook-and-crany camping ground, suitable for every age. The camping ground is provided with some facilities such as restroom area and food court or food kiosks. Culinary tour is recommended as the cool weather is very suitable to enjoy quality meal.

Not only for vacation, you can hold business meeting here as well. Umbul Sidomukti offers affordable yet comfortable package for business chores.

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It is easy to locate Umbul Sidomukti. From downtown of Semarang, drive to the south through Semarang-Solo road. Note Lemah Abang gass station on the left side of the road and then turn to the right to Bandungan. Go ahead until you find Jimbaran market and then you will find “Sidomukti” gateway. Simply follow the sign because Umbul Sdomukti is not really far from the gateway.

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