Uniqueness of Gedong Songo Temple

Apart from the hectic of Semarang city, in the southern part, there is an attraction you have to visit. It is called Candi Gedong Songo or Gedong Songo Temple. Gedong means building, while songo means nine. Like the name, Gedong Songo Temple has nine temples. Actually, Gedong Songo Temple is nearer to Ambarawa, a small town after Semarang. Gedong Songo temple is also near to Bandungan attraction. So, you can go there after visiting Bandungan.

Do not expect that the nine temples are adjacent to each other. That is the challenge. You will have to walk about 500 meters up to 1 km from one temple to another. However, with the chilly atmosphere and cool mountain mist, the distance is almost nothing. Not to mention if you are with your loved ones. Solo traveling is okay. But, it is better to hire a guide to show you the temple’s details.

Gedong Songo Temple

Located at 1200 meters above sea level at the slope of Mount Ungaran, Gedong Songo Temple offers breathtaking scenery as well. It is undoubtedly a great place to refresh your mind. If you do not feel like walking, then you can ride horse to carry you from one temple to another.

Take pictures as many as you like. Every corner at the area is photogenic and worth to capture.

At Gedong 3 and 4 temple, there is hot springs where you can bath or simply splash the water. Like other mountain hot springs, it also contains sulphur which can relieve scar or skin ulcer.

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In its first discovery around 1740, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles found seven temples and then the place was named “Gedong Pitu” (pitu means seven). Over two centuries later, Dutch Archaeologist Van Stein Callenfels found the other two temples and so it is named “Gedong Songo.”

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